We love pop.

All kinds of pop.

Soft, hard, strict or wild.


We love sounds.

All kinds of sounds.

Nice, unseemingly, big or small.


We love instruments.

All kinds of instruments.

Hihat, piano, bass and horns.

Toms, vocies, guitars and cymbals.


Even small, crappy

synthesizers made by companies that

maybe should have kept to making calculators.


We love music.



Upcoming shows:

26/9 - 20:00 - Teater Pero - Stockholm

11/10 - 21:00 - Plektrum - Örebro

19/12 - 20:00 - Club Devolution (South Side) - Stockholm


Quite Frankly is:

Victor Lundberg - Vocals, guitars

Arvid Ingberg - Keyboards, horns, percussion, vocals

Alexander Lundberg - Keyboards, guitars, vocals

Jonatan Lundin - Bass, vocals

Simon Hammarbacken - Drums, vocals



Patrik Lagerträd (manager)

+46 73 - 231 22 03





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